How to place an bitmap logo on 3D coffee mug in Sketchfab?

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I have created a 3D coffee mug. With realistic porcelain light effect and reflection. Looks really nice.
You can see it here:

But now I would like to place a small logo on 1 side of the cup, .png format. Would there be a trick to do that in Sketchfab? limitless-logo

Thanks in advance.


You can add textures in 3D Settings, but your UV maps will have to be adjusted because at the moment it’s just tiling. Looks like it came from 3ds Max? You should be able to apply textures there with the correct UV mapping. We also have an Exporter plugin:

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Thanks. Exporting from 3ds Max to Sketchfab is not the issue. But UV mapping is something that I dont understand. Also the 3d cappuccino model was done by someone else.

But to summarize: applying a logo without tiling is not possible in Sketchfab. The only solution would be adjust the file in 3ds Max?

Thanks again.


Not necessarily 3ds Max, but yes, textures will need to be mapped within other 3D software. It’s not something you can currently do on Sketchfab.

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you “could” do it via plane, adding that along the surface of the object and using the texture there.

for example :slight_smile:

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haha the OP does not know anything about uv mapping and is not the author of the model either, i dont think your suggestion helps in the slightest :wink:

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select faces, duplicate geo (where you want the logo)+ move it .01 in xzy auto unwrap - put logo in photoshop/mspaint where it has to be
quite simple compared to unrwap the entire thing correctly but yeah i guess a bit of work is there :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion, I will try that and post the result here.

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Got stuck with ‘select faces’. Did you mean ‘Subsurfaces scattering / Skin’?

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haha Alex , the OP is stuck on your first two words… No offence OP just funny since i saw this coming. What help you need is beyond the scope of a forum thread post … you need to do some 3D modeling app basics tutorials or get somebody who knows how to use a 3d app to do it. You wont find a working solution in 5 clicks or 20 forum posts. Best of luck.

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Yeah i did mean in 3dsmax select faces.
If you have 0 knowledge it might be a bit to hard, i figured you might know some of the basics and just are not to familiar with uv’s.

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The OP is very rookie, that’s right. I though it might be easier. Most of the features in Sketchfab are pretty straight forward and easy to configure. But I guess the bitmap placement is a bridge too far for now. Thanks for helping anyway.