How to post your WIPs on the Artwork forum

With the recent Halloween and Star Wars contests we’ve seen a great number of great WIP (‘Work in Progress’) threads here on the Sketchfab forum.

After spending a lot of time reading through them I’ve come to realise they serve two important goals:

  1. WIPs allow the artist to ask for, and receive, useful critique early in the design process. Getting input from a fresh pair of eyes or from a more experienced designer can really help to improve your work from ‘good’ to ‘great’.
  2. WIPs are also an invaluable learning resource for other artists. Not only can you see how a work evolves, but you’re also able to ask questions at every step of the process. You can improve your own skills by participating in these conversations.

These are two important and relevant goals for the Sketchfab community, and I’d love to see if we can make them work here. So, to get this ball rolling, I’ve opened this new WIP forum. I’ll be encouraging the use of WIP threads for the next few months and try to get more people to share their creative process here. I’ll talk to artists personally to invite them and do shoutouts on our social media and on the blog.

Link back from your model(s) to your WIP thread

Note: the image embedding feature is broken - we’re working on it

While we don’t have an officially supported function to link models with forum threads yet, it’s quite easy to add a nice button to your model description using our Markdown support. Check out the following code:


It may look a little cryptic, but all it does is create an image with a hyperlink. Just change the link to point to your own WIP thread and reuse :slight_smile:

It will look like this:

See you soon!

I’m looking forward to seeing your WIPs here and to see everyone start sharing their knowledge! If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement - please post them below.