How to prevent users from seeing inside models or zooming in too far... (Camera Clipping)?


(Jamminjamy) #1

Hello All,
We're trying to prevent users from zooming inside of our models to see the "guts".

For example, we don't want them to be able to view inside of walls or engine components. We don't want them to be able to zoom in so far as to see past the model surface and the unpolished inner components of the model.

Is there a way to prevent this? (The model is built in blender)
Maybe a way for them not to be able to zoom within 3 feet of the surface area... or not being able to move through walls (collision?)

Thanks for your help.


Not yet, but it's a common request and something we want to implement in the future. I'll add your '+1'!

(Jamminjamy) #4

Ok, thanks for the quick response James!

(Vlad) #5


Please don't do this!
Or may be not as part of main site. As additional API for business accounts is ok.
So simple sketchfab user never see such models.


We just launched a Camera Limits feature! I hope it's useful for you.


(carodani) #8

I really don’t understand, in VR the model is basically solid, and the player cannot walk through the geometry. Why this is not by default in first person mode? Or having a settings to activate that… you have already the code for it!