How to promote your work and raise your profile on Sketchfab

I was recently asked via email

How can we get involved / raise our profile with Sketchfab Cultural channel?

I figured I’d start a thread here so my reply is public as it may be of use to other people thinkin the same thing.

In general, there is no ‘magic bullet’ for getting more people to look at your 3D output on Sketchfab but some things that can help are:

  • posting great 3D models that make use of Sketchfab features (material and lighting settings, annotations, audio, VR etc.)
  • sharing these models (and interesting videos, GIFs) on social media
  • interacting in a genuine way with other members of the Sketchfab community on site (e.g. comments), via the 3d scanning and cultural heritage forum groups, and via discord
  • if you are working on a particularly interesting project that uses Sketchfab, you can apply to author a Cultural Heritage Spotlight on the Sketchfab Blog

Please reply with any suggestions / tacticsthat I have overlooked!


Thanks for the list!

I would add CONSISTENCY - it takes time to grow a quality portfolio, months at least.

Also it’s worth to look into and use specific hashtags, such as #medievalfantasyassets etc.
Thomas, maybe could you add some of your other favorite museum / heritage related tags?

Also I use is keyword suggestion tool, i.e. (yes, I also run a photo stock portfolio)
I’ve got a question, how do dual-word tags work here on Sketchfab? In Shutterstock, they are super important for relevance rating, meaning “cat food” and much stronger than just “cat” and “food”.
In Sketchfab i see many dual-words, such as “photogrammetry-drone” - is it really useful over just “photogrammetry” and “drone”?