How to reference image files?

(Javierdl) #1

I just uploaded using the ZIP method.
However, although I had all necessary files it failed to use the included texture in the textures folder.
The Upload error reads: "Found unreferenced image 'mNm_blue_01.jpg'", which would explain the above.
So, how to ensure Sketchfab will succeed making these links/references?

Thanks guys,


(Dark Minaz) #2


(in your browser bar, where the edit is) forces the material thingy to try to fix it. worked every time i tried it so far :smile:
in the slight chance it doesn't you might have to do them by hand.

(Javierdl) #3

Thanks for the tip DM :smile: It didn't work for me now. But I'll keep this tip for future uploads :wink:

(Dark Minaz) #4

okay, usually it works if you rename the textures correctly.
Brown_albedo , brown_normal, brown_roughness, brown_metallic for example.
But to bad, kinda hoped it would would for yours too.

(Javierdl) #5

Exactly! I have to get into that habit, of naming them with those classifications.
Thanks again DM :smile:

(Dark Minaz) #6

np, glad to help, or well try
and well .. we all do have to get that habit, lambert8.jpg with normal23 ..
i am so glad that quixel and substance painter do those things for me most of the time ^^