How to request a token for use on Maps Made Easy for 3D mapping

(Rbmarquiss) #1

I use Maps Made Easy for mapping and had a token for sketchfab that would allow me to upload map pictures and get high definition 3D picture, but it says it is invalid. How do I request or get the token so Maps Made Easy can upload my maps to sketchfab?


You can find your API Token here:

(Rbmarquiss) #3

Thanks, do I have to have a minimum of the Pro Plan in order to have the token valid in Maps Made Easy?
Currently I have the free plan and token still shows as not valid.


You should not need any particular plan. I'm not familiar with Maps Made Easy, can you send me a link to some info?

(Rbmarquiss) #5

When I inquired to their support they only said that I needed to get the token from you, but when I paste it in the box it still shows as invalid.
Thanks for your time.


Thanks, I've reached out to their team to see if they can test a different account.