How to run multiple animations simultaneously?


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Hello guys!
I have a model that performs an animation, but in Blender I duplicated this model in order to stay three fans. Here on the site I can not get all three animations to run at the same time.

Can someone give me a solution? I have already searched in various places, blogs and official pages and found nothing.

My model url:

Thank you.



We can't play multiple animation takes simultaneously, they need to all be in the same take. I'm afraid I'm not that familiar with how Blender exports to FBX. Have you tried uploading the .blend file directly instead?

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Hello, James!
Thanks for the help, I did a test with a .blend file and all the animations from the same file were played.
The difference between .blender and .fbx is that the .blend takes a little longer to process.

Thank you very much for the help!


Yeah, our Blender processing is a bit slow, but it's something we hope to improve!

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Either way the platform is awesome!