How to save animation setup?


(Stromboli Studio) #1

I would like to be able to select an animation (in my case "walk"), loop it and save it in order that it would be played so, when opening my sketchfab model.
But the animation setup doesn't seem to be saved after clicking "save settings" from "3D settings".
For any reason the walk animation (21 frames) is played once and after a while played again.

Could it be also possible to setup the frame limits of the selected animation ? For example from Frame 1 to Frame 21

(Saphires) #2

+1 from me!
(Choosing and saving a default animation for the viewer)

(Ricardo Roehe) #3

+1 for saving animation settings!

(Jhs) #4

Can you say you seperated the animation-loops at your export?

We are looking for a simple solution wink smile


Cleaning up some old threads - solved!