How to search your own models?

(Melanie Fillios Une) #1

We have over 400 models which we use for teaching units. At the moment these models are set as private. They are moved into a Collection and the collection is shared with students. Is there anyway to search through my own models so that I an quickly find a specific model? I currently have to load 24 models at a time which is very time consuming and sometimes resets itself. It also makes it difficult to identify if a model is missing as they could not be uploaded in order.


(Dark Minaz) #2

as far as i am aware private models are excluded in the search
A way to bypass that would be to create a excel sheet with all the models and the links where you can search it for.
If there is a way on sketchfab i am not aware of.

(Melanie Fillios Une) #3

Thanks. I am trying to organize them into collections at the moment so searching just my models would be so useful. I guess this will have to do. Thank you


As @dark_minaz said, private models are excluded. However, you can add "user:Melanie_Fillios-UNE" to your search query to search only models from a user.

(Melanie Fillios Une) #5

Hi James,
thanks for the tip. I have now resorted to creating the excel spreadsheet with the links all listed. The models which we have put into Collections are now public but there are others which we will use for assessments, which you can understand, need to be private. A method to quickly find/search my own models would be very useful feature. weather they are public or private. Is there anyway to recommend this?



Yep, I'll add your '+1' to this feature request.

(Naturagart) #8

Hello James,
we have meanwhile more than 2400 models (private) and would highly appreciate if that feature request could be pushed somehow...
Best regards


Thanks - I'll see what we can do!