How to upload a single model but in two poses?


Is there a way to upload two stances of a character in a single sketchfab instance? I wanted to make A-pose and posed character, but I don’t want to create separate projects inside sketchfab.

If I understand you correctly. You need two same model character in different poses.
I think you cant do it in Sketchfab, maybe API, but its a bit different thing.

Why not just duplicate your model with different pose in software you use and upload the whole file to Sketchfab?

I just didn’t want to create two different projects that contain a single model but in different poses…
What would you prefer A-pose or posed character?

It depends, but I would say A pose. So its easy to rig and all

A-pose or T-pose are common standards when it comes to rigging. If you want different poses, its easier to use the common standard pose, and from there on, once everything works alright, you can use the same armature to slightly change the pose.

You could make many poses via keyframing if the software u use supports keyframe animation, or like warkama said, with duplication within the same file, no need to have seperate uploads, unless file exceeds upload limit. Sketchfab also supports zipfile upload, in case you want them in seperate project files:
Upload in zipfles

Sketchfab always uses the standard pose u used for rig first( in your case A pose), and if you used keyframing for posing, those will appear second in the list. The default order of animation/poses can be changed in sketchfabeditor.
Hope this helps!

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