How to upload from Blender with textures assigned?

Hi, I am having trouble posting a model straight from blender with the sketchfab uploader plugin.
Basically my textures don’t get assigned properly and if I pack my textures they still don’t look correct.

I haven’t posted here in a while, does Sketchfab require for Occlussion, Roughness, Metallic to be split into 3 textures or does the unreal engine combined texture image work?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hello Susie :wave:

As you guessed indeed, Sketchfab requires the the ORM texture to be split in order to get parsed straight from the Blender exporter.

The custom node (the PBR_setup node) you use in the original .blend of your most recent draft won’t get parsed during our processing, so the approach is to split the texture externally, and directly link them to the Principled BSDF node before export.

For uploads outside of the blender exporter - and if you ever need it - there is also a way to “force” textures to match specific PBR channels by following a precise naming convention, detailed here.

Hope this will help !


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Thank you so much, your reply really cleared things for me :slight_smile:
I will fix up the draft and post it