How to use "isDownloadable" setting with Python API

I try to upload my models with python API v3. So, I would like to set download deny. How to set it in the API script?
The following function I remade was tested but didn’t work.
Please show me the usage.

def upload(path, # this function return 'model_url'
            name = 'test model', #'This is a bob model I made with love and passion'
            description = 'This is test description. ',
            tags = ['research'], #['bob', 'character', 'video-games'], Array of tags
            categ = 'science-technology'], # ['people'], Array of categories slugs
            license = 'by-nc', #'by', License slug
            private = 1, # 1, requires a pro account
            password = 'my-password', # requires a pro account
            isPublished = False, # Model will be on draft instead of published
            isInspectable = True, # Allow 2D view in model inspector
            isDownloadAllowed = False,
            isDownloadable = False
    POST a model to sketchfab.
    This endpoint only accepts formData as we upload a file.
    model_endpoint = f'{SKETCHFAB_API_URL}/models'

    # Mandatory parameters
    model_file = path # path to your model ex) './data/'

    # Optional parameters
    data = {'name': name,
            'description': description,
            'tags': tags,
            'categories': categ,
            'license': license,
            'private': private,
            'password': password,
            'isPublished': isPublished,
            'isInspectable': isInspectable,
            'isDownloadAllowed': isDownloadAllowed,
            'isDownloadable': isDownloadable


    with open(model_file, 'rb') as file_:
        files = {'modelFile': file_}
        payload = _get_request_payload(data=data, files=files)
            response =, **payload)
        except RequestException as exc:
            print(f'An error occured: {exc}')

    if response.status_code !=
        print(f'Upload failed with error: {response.json()}')

    # Should be
    model_url = response.headers['Location']
    print('Upload successful. Your model is being processed.')
    print(f'Once the processing is done, the model will be available at: {model_url}')

    return model_url