How to use the second lightmap uv SOLVED

(Mmwizard) #1

Hello i'm trying to setup my lightmaps to use the second uv channel. Any idea how to do that? I dont see any options to select what uv to use.

thanx in advance


Hi, the Modo exporter uses Collada, and I'm not sure if we support multiple UV sets in Collada right now (cc @waleguene? @marc ? )

You could try exporting/uploading manually in FBX.

(Mmwizard) #3

Thanx James. I have tried using the fbx exporter and have found two ways to export the second uv.
1st exporting to collada and then converting to fbx with FBX converter.
2nd export directly to FBX with modo.
Of course the 2nd approach is faster. But maybe someone else encounters the same problem and then he can use these options.
Thanx again


Great! Thanks for letting us know smile