How to view VR in Oculus Rift S

Hi all,

Oh I hope someone can help me with this as it is driving me mad !

How to view sketchfab in VR with an Oculus Rift S.

I’ve read various online ‘helps’ that lead me to download Firefox onto my PC, but then what ? I used the virtual PC view in my Rift to look at the firefox browser showing sketchfab, but when i click on the VR button, i just get a ‘binocular’ view of my model on the browser - not in my headset and certainly no VR!

I dont know much about this tech and am hoping someone can help me out using simple words and instructions :smile:

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Did you check ?


Yes. I worked may way through that but at point 3 about managing 3 d progs i dont have the option in my NVIDIA control panel to " select “High-performance NVIDIA processor" as the preferred graphics processor."

Not sure it that is the issue :frowning:

Oh my lord !!! What an idiot am !

Having set it all up, i was opening my firefox browser and its not working (as i said) except… I was not opening firefox, but chrome by mistake ! Doh ! Now tried firefox and all is working great :slight_smile:

I am so dumb sometimes !

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Glad you could make it work and can now enjoy VR on the Rift S