How unlimited is unlimited?


(L Arvanitis) #1

Is there really no cap?

Can I upload say 200k-1m private models with a pro/business account and have no problem?
If there is a limit with those options do you provide an enterprise custom solution for such a case?


Unlimited really is unlimited, regardless of plan type :slight_smile:

Go for it!

(Hvl3ddesign) #3

I know James already answer the question but figured I'd give you my perspective as a user. I have uploaded 1100 private models already over the last 6-8 months and have had no issues uploading, I am adding additional models daily, If you do plan on uploading alot I recommend creating an excel/google sheet tracker with the Model name and the Sketchfab ID this way you can find your models quickly, as of now there is limited search/sort function on Sketchfab.

(L Arvanitis) #4

Thank you guys for your responses.

If we choose to implement the 3d model embedding functionality in our product we'll use a database anyways to link models to objects for dynamically generated pages