How unlimited is unlimited?

Is there really no cap?

Can I upload say 200k-1m private models with a pro/business account and have no problem?
If there is a limit with those options do you provide an enterprise custom solution for such a case?

Unlimited really is unlimited, regardless of plan type :slight_smile:

Go for it!

I know James already answer the question but figured I’d give you my perspective as a user. I have uploaded 1100 private models already over the last 6-8 months and have had no issues uploading, I am adding additional models daily, If you do plan on uploading alot I recommend creating an excel/google sheet tracker with the Model name and the Sketchfab ID this way you can find your models quickly, as of now there is limited search/sort function on Sketchfab.

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Thank you guys for your responses.

If we choose to implement the 3d model embedding functionality in our product we’ll use a database anyways to link models to objects for dynamically generated pages

Today is my first day on Sketchfab and was shut down for exceeding my daily limit. It is NOT unlimited

Hi there. Since this Forum thread started, the plan structures on Sketchfab have changed. For up-to-date info on upload limits, check out our Plans page.

Thank you for your response, but here is the problem that is causing
negative comments about your site.

“Unlimited downloadable & store uploads”

To your customers, this says there is no download cap… and there is
absolutely a cap on downloads. The statement above does not state on user
uploaded items there is unlimited downloads…

I know why you have the limits and so makes full sense, but you should
tell people the limits. Just positive feedback. Knowing there is a
download cap on the highest level paid accounts has saved me a good deal
of money in subscription fees… something else to think about.

Hi there,

It’s not “unlimited downloads” - we don’t promise that anywhere.

It’s unlimited uploads, IF you make them available for download: “unlimited downloadable [& store] uploads”

I’m sorry for the confusion. We’ll think about how to improve that language!


James, I know, but your website still says you do. I am trying to help by
making sure you know why there is negative talk about your site, I have
come to enjoy.