HP Wizard Chess - Unreal Scene

Hi everyone!

I’ve been learning Blender in my spare evenings, and I wanted to try something new. When I was a kid I enjoyed different interactive storybooks where you could read the story but also interact with different elements in the scene. My personal favorite was Arthur’s Teacher Trouble, which was amusing and fun to discover different hidden things on each page:

With that in mind, I decided to try to make a little interactive scene of Harry, Ron and Hermione in the Gryffindor common room. I want to try to focus on developing my skills with these:

  • Developing my workflow in Blender and Mixer
  • Practice sculpting hard surface props and humans
  • Learn how to optimize a scene for real-time
  • Practice Animation workflow in Unreal

…And probably a lot more.

Alright, enough words - here’s where I am at right now:

(The initial blocking I did)

And here is my mockup I just finished with the characters kinda getting at what I was wanting (I’m not a painter by any means, so this is pretty rough). There’s also some new elements that I want to add to fill in the screen.

What do you think? Any thoughts or feedback are always appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @cwasden - this is coming along nicely! The additional elements you have sketched out definitely make the scene feel more alive. A couple of ideas:

  • maybe you can ‘cheat’ a view outside the window with an image plane
  • some high resolution geometry baked to normal maps would help add some detail to the scene (e.g. walls, table, chairs) without pushing up your face count

You may also want to join the Sketchfab Discord server so that more people respond to your post https://discord.gg/Acz4s6J


Much appreciated! Those are some good points to consider… And thank you for the Discord invite!

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