HTC Vive vr not working

(Salahzar) #1

I’ve tried HTCVIVE with sketchfab today and have the following problems:

  1. sketchfab app on steam seems to only browse a subset of models. Is there a way to browse ALL the models with steam?

  2. using webvr with firefox there is NO WAY to travel across the scene with the controller. The floor appear at the height of the neck so you are seeing only the bottom and the teleport does not help.

  3. I’ve browsed the forums but couldnt get any useful information except that HTC Vive support does not work.
    It is a pity that sketchfab cannot be used by vr users…

Thanks for the assistance.

(Aleahy) #2 webVR mode is working for me as at 25 June 2018.

Using controller to find floor space for teleporting.
Press left or right on thumb pad scales the model.

Windows 10, HTC Vive, Firefox Nightly.

Andrew | Wonderama XR Lab | Western Sydney University