Huge delay in headset tracking, ONLY for animations

(Ravenworks) #1

I'm trying out the WebVR support, and I'm encountering a huge problem that only occurs on scenes that include animations.

When I'm viewing one of those scenes in my headset, the "camera" moves roughly two seconds after my head movements. (If I hold perfectly still it seems okay, but if I turn my head, the scene "moves with me" as though it were attached to my face, and then a moment later, swivels on its own in the same manner that my head had turned.)

This doesn't happen when viewing still models; I can turn my head freely and everything is fine. However it happens in any scenes with animations, even when they're paused.

It doesn't seem to be a question of the complexity of the scene; an animation containing 7.6k faces causes the bug, and a still scene containing 394.9k faces does not.

I'm using Firefox 55.0, on Windows 7, with an Oculus Rift.

(Lettucehead) #2

uh what are animations? can you please let me know? Never heard of this

i don't think 7.6 vs 394 (k) poly comparison is "complexity" itself

have you tried like a box turning into a rectangle