Human race_ space ship (W.I.P.)


(Sergeytrifanov1980) #1

Space Ship Concept
by SergeyTrifanov1980
on Sketchfab

(Sergeytrifanov1980) #2

Hi everyone,

Introducing my new low poly model of a space ship in a classic style. My main direction in design is based on famous works of Ralph McQuarrie.
I would be happy to hear any feedback on the item.

(Nomadking) #3

I like the shape and style of your ship, although I did have to spin it around a few times to figure out which end was the front :wink: (I haven't had enough coffee today...)

One suggestion comes to mind: You have a lot of nice smooth lines in the design of your ship, but when viewed from above the main body looks quite square. Either shrinking the width of the booster a little, or expanding the body width around the cockpit, would create a more tapered feel that I think would fit nicely with the rest of the design.