Hunters Graveyard #wowlegion-wip


(Sights Set South) #1

Today I started concepting for the Legion Contest. I have chosen a smaller scale for my project, as I only have one week to complete it. I will post updates upon completing Previs, Low-Poly, High-Poly and Textured (if i make it - fingers crossed).

(Chaitanyak) #2

sounds doable! all the best!

(Bart) #3

Welcome on board! Like you said, remember there's only one week left, so you'd better hurry :slight_smile:

Also, please subscribe to this thread to receive contest updates.

Have fun!

(Sights Set South) #4

Completed Previs a few days ago, Working on Low Res assets now.

(Sights Set South) #5

Rock Sculpting. Please give feedback if you can, I am very new to Sculpting in Zbrush and I am eager to improve.

(Sights Set South) #6

High Quality Sculpts are done on main objects, need to retopo the Tree then start texturing.

(Nomadking) #7

Looks good so far - perhaps some more variation in the shapes of the tombstones would make it feel more like a real burial place :wink:

(Michael Calvert) #8

Nice work so far!