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I also have a few questions about the contest

(Daedal Js) #1

“Each entry should include the room or space itself and should have at least 5 tagged assets that must be made downloadable as a whole room and separately.”

a little confused about that.
so, the room itself has to be made up of the assets and major shape of the room and that’s one file that needs to be under 50k polygons. then at least assets that aren’t a part of the major shape of the room are submitted separately as assets?

does the major portion of the room count as an asset or just the stuff you fill it with?

polygon count in triangles or quads?

(Joshmarinacci) #2

Meaning you should create a room with stuff in it, then post both the scene of everything and the individual items separately. Ideally your total polygon count for everything in the scene should be under 50k. Poly count is in triangles.

(Daedal Js) #3


(Hadrien59) #4

So if I get it right, when we are modeling in quad and the scene is like 5000 faces in it. Sketchfab says “5000 polygons in scene” it counts already as 10 000 triangles ?

(Joshmarinacci) #5

yes it does.