I am not able to view the video in 3D

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I don’t know if I am in the right place or not, so please excuse if I am not. I signed on to view more than to create. Someone shared a 3D video and I am not able to view it. My browsers (Chrome and Pale Moon) both show they support it. I do use a Windows 7 computer and my Dell desktop monitor is almost 10 years old.

I am not a computer geek so I don’t like to get myself into something I can’t get out of. I am suspecting updating drivers? But, I worry I might cause other problems I don’t know. So, if anyone has any thoughts, please share. Thank you.



I’m sorry you’re having trouble. Can you please share a screenshot of what you see?


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Here is a link to where this 3D picture or video is located on Facebook.:
“Here is an interactive model of the larger stones within the Union Grove Cemetery. I had to reduce the resolution of the model a fair amount to make it easy to view. I will post a model of a single monument to show how detailed a model of a monument can be.”

This might be a 3D picture and not a video. It seems to be hit and miss for me to view these. Thank you.



Can you please post a screenshot of this report? http://webglreport.com/

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I saw this earlier and thought that there wasn’t a problem as such from what I could tell. But maybe you can see something I wouldn’t be aware of that is a problem. Thank you for your time in helping me. I have a lower portion of this but a message popped up telling me that as a new user I could only submit one photo.

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Here is the lower portion. These screen shots were actually done in Pale Moon. But I have the same issues in Chrome and Pale Moon. I don’t use Firefox too often. Too many crashes used to come with it.


Thanks. The viewer is not supported on Google SwiftShader. It does not have good enough performance for proper rendering. Sorry about that!

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I’m sorry are you talking about the 3D video or photo? I do not know what a Google Swiftshader is I’m afraid. Thank you.


Google Swiftshader is the WebGL renderer that your computer / browser is using. You can see it in the WebGL Report screenshot you sent.

The Sketchfab viewer is neither a 3D video or a photo. It’s a full 3D rendering.

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Okay thank you. So there is probably nothing I can do or change on my end?


I’m afraid it’s a limitation of the browser / computer. Did you try Firefox?

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Hi James. It is so kind of you to write. No, as of yet, I have not tried Firefox. I’m staying away from PaleMoon because whenever I use it, my computer won’t shut down.