“I am you father” - Annotated scene

(Hossam) #1

so i chose this scene , i really admired this shot in the movie from its impact as a story and visuals, i hope i can capture this feeling during this artwork , its a big challenge and so was the movie

(Bart) #2

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(Hossam) #3

Darth Vader01-star wars_competition by Hossam on Sketchfab

(Hossam) #4

so i mad first step towards finishing the scene , i chose to started by Darth Vader becuase he was complex enough in the face shape also i will stylize the model a bit at the end , please feel free to give comments in shapes or topology if you have any better ideas .. Thanks :smile:

(Hossam) #5

Darthc Vader02-Star Wars competition by Hossam on Sketchfab

(Hossam) #6

so i made an update a bit slow but it took sometime , i blocked out the forms and almost done with Darth Vader only some few tweaks left and will redo the hands to make it more dynamic and appealing rather than this squishy look also i will post my process after i am done with this model finally and before shifting to model Luke ..

(Andersdt) #7


I think you should work a bit more with the glossiness. The cape is too glossy I think, and you could make use of a grunge-map for the glossiness on the helmet and chest-plate-thingy.

But oh dear me, it's some nice modeling, and everything is looking sweet with that red... uhh... stuff!

(Hossam) #8

Oh thanks alot :smile: yeah i will adjust more the materials and overall look and style , right now i started in Luke which will be challenging also so i will keep you updated with anything new or breakdowns of the process..
Thanks! :smile:

(Hossam) #9

this is the mood board i used as reference for Darth Vader to give me a solid base and understand how i will start my model and style .

(Hossam) #10

In this i show how i created the model , i started first with the head and chest in maya , then blocked out the body shapes and forms inside Zbrush and then started to sculpt the cloth, i wanted to show him a bit muscular and heroic , then posed the model by using Zbrush move and rotate tools and refined it a bit more

(Stijn Vercruysse) #11

I like your model of the dark lord :smile:

(Hossam) #12

Thank you alot..i really appreciate it :smile:

(Hossam) #13

Scene Trail-Blocking01 WIP by Hossam on Sketchfab

i decided to start in the scene and to get the general feelings and how the scene will go and to spot on the action sequence that i am going to apply ..feel free to comment :smile:

(Andersdt) #14

It's looking good, and with some texts, normal-maps and specularity-maps, it'll be real good. I also think you should add a tube around it with some texture, as in the movie - even though it looks quite sweet with the pure black...

(Hossam) #15

yeah i will add Maps at the end ...about the background the only thing I dont like that its too repetitive so i will try out and see what will come up with best results possible

(Hossam) #16

Scene Trail by Hossam on Sketchfab

More work to the set and the layout..almost done with it a guess more tweaks and details then add Luke's model and add motion to the scene to bring to life ... any comments are welcome :smile:

(Andersdt) #17

Have a look at @stijn_vercruysse's topic. It's looking quite nice over there as well.

(Hossam) #18

ohhh i like it its really nice with a new style....a like yours too it looks really good want to see it when it done great job