¿I can limit movement of the camera?

(Coolbrain) #1

I wish the camera could not get off the base or the ground. 0 point Z.




Thanks for the feedback!

It's a common feature request and something we will probably add in the future.


(Ura) #3


Yes! it would be a great feature.

For example I want to show my work to less experienced web users. For ensuring a comfortable experience, limiting the movement would be great.



Thanks for the feedback. We are working on this and hope to release something soon.


We just launched a Camera Limits feature! I hope it's useful for you.


(Tinyfriends) #7


Thanks a lot for adding the camera limits. It would be great if the target of the camera was not locked in position when using rotation limits.

Could you please add the feature of limiting the Z position for both the camera and it's target? So that we could move freely above ground level.

Thanks for your support