I can´t find my collection on Ipad

Hey Guys,

I cant find my collections I created on my Ipad:

Here´s the desktop view:

Hopefully someone can help me :slight_smile:

So strange :astonished:. Just tested on my phone and it works ok on Android

I suspect it has to do with the collections containing only private models; the web view displays incorrect data too:

![image|690x438](upload://vbGw@warkarma Hk9E56eS81qG2cidG8.jpeg)

Just to be sure - are you currently logged to Sketchfab on your iPad app?

@warkarma that’s the browser view you’re sharing there. His issue is in the iOS app, seems something is fishy there.

yes I am logged in! and I can´t see your picture.

Not sure what happened to that picture :frowning_face: Anyway, our mobile app team is aware of the issue and is looking in to it.

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okay thank you!!