I dare you, I double dare you! - Pulp Fiction

(CrisVonUnruh) #1

For me there is only one possible scene to do here! Vincent Vega and Jules Winfield visiting the two boys to get Marcellus Wallace stuff back.

I am not really sure if I find the time to pull it completly off but I'll try my very best!

Would you put the characters in there?

(Dark Minaz) #2

id put vincent and jules in there, and set the vr man to the other guys position.
without them it would just be a room

(Bart) #3

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Really cool idea!

Love this movie, have fun!

(CrisVonUnruh) #5

Well here is my first #wip with the scene blockout. Not quite happy yet, will definately give it some fixes but i goes into the right direction. I thought about doing it in the disney infinity artstyle, so have to play with the proportions a bit

(CrisVonUnruh) #6

okay after reading the briefing again and thinking about it, I decided to close the room and fixed the proportions of it. Now I am super happy with it and can start doing some details. I created some modular parts to get a faster result and can't wait to finish that room!