I had been working on this SpiderMan scene for a while, any feedback would be appreciated!


(Pedrolovisoto) #1

(Shaderbytes) #2

any feeedback?? or do want your back stroked :slight_smile:

(Pedrolovisoto) #3

If I wanted my back stroked I would had asked my mom opinion, I actually want to improve...

(Shaderbytes) #4

nice Good to hear that from a fellow arttist :slight_smile: I too am also looking for honest opinions., well most of the time anyway. It is nice to have you back stoked from time to time :slight_smile:

anyway im going yo point out that your character does not look grounded.

  1. he really is floaty and is not grounded.

  2. the texturing when he does get grounded needs some self selfshadowing/occusion to sell the idea

The viggnette is also a bit strong.

Otherwise it looks great overall .

(Shaderbytes) #5

i used a wheel here as examaple, touching the suface or going beound the surface with some texturing for occulsion would do the trick.

if you look at my image a true tire would experience the weight of the car an since it is not solid,like flesh , would get depessed likr on my left. If you look at the right this is often just how to fake this. Just move the full model down a bit to seem like it is taking weight, even though shape of wheel does not change.. the wall length will.. which is more concise to the true nature of the wheel where wall length at the bottom is less than the top.

In combination with some occussion to fake self ahadowing baked into the surface/s. just one or both this will work.
(SSAO will not work because your scene is too big and sketchfab does not use cascading and all shadows share one shadow map)

so move your character down ... even to the point his goemetry passes through the floor surface and add Baked AO so that these bodies seem to self shadow

good luck look forward to improvements..

(Shaderbytes) #6

the second glaring issue is that the lighting on you character is very flat compared to the doughnut.. lighting can make or break a scene..

even though it might be correct to take photos at midday.. it is not the best option.. you as a cg artist have the option to avoid flat/midday lighting. it needs more shadows / longer shadows.. point.

(Nomadking) #7

Looks great so far, but I agree with @shaderbytes points on the floatiness of the character. A little work on balancing the light/shadowing between the 2 would really help. Also I feel like the donut is a bit too shiny overall.

BTW great idea for a scene! :slight_smile:

(Dark Minaz) #8

cool scene, id make the screenshot of the scene slightly more zoomed out, the way it is now it looks just like a spiderman model + some shiny whatever. I don't think you will get to many views that way :slight_smile:
The scene itself is pretty nice, i quite like all the little easter eggs you put around
It could use a bit of dirt here and there though, looks very clean, especially in places where nobody would ever clean
A few bevels on some of the harder edges wouldn't hurt though and some imperfections (a few cracks, hicks)

Id also push the ao a bit stronger and make the doughnut a bit less glossy

(Pedrolovisoto) #9

Wow, thanks for all the feedback! I will try to fix this things and re-upload, I will update the post with the fixes, thanks again!

(Pedrolovisoto) #10

Thanks for all the feedbacks, I will move the model a bit and change the light! I will update the post when I re-upload the model.

(Pedrolovisoto) #11

Hi guys, I did changed the initial camera position, donuts glossiness, light angle, character position, I reworked all the AOs on the scene too, and had add some bevels to the building. Thanks for all the feedbacks!

(Dark Minaz) #12

Looks much better, good job there :slight_smile: The few bevels sure make the building look quite a lot better.

(Nomadking) #13

Nice job on the improvements, the whole scene just sits together a bit better now :slight_smile: