I have a blender sketchfab questions

(Alfanas0) #1

hay everyone , i am new her and i have some questions that i would like to be answerd

first of all i am a blender user , and i upload using the .blend format

so first question is :
1- how does this platform works ? is it more like whatever the file you uploaded will look the same in here ?

2- what type of blender materials should i use ? internal _ PBR? i uloaded an internel scene with shadles materils and it wasnt the same, i uploaded a cycle node materils and also not the same as whene you render it ,

3- how can i enable animation,? because any model you upload with a rigg, it says animated .

4- does the camera works in the platform ?, the possition the rottition ? and how ?

thats all for now,

i hope i am posting in the right section

(Bart) #2

Hey Alf!

Nice to see you here too :slight_smile:

To answer your questions:

  1. It depends :slight_smile: Anything made in Blender Internal or Eevee should look pretty much the same. We only have limited support for Cycles material nodes though, so your results may look different if you use that.
  2. See the previous point. I recommend switching to BI or EEVEE.
  3. I’m not sure I follow. If the model is keyframed/rigged, it should animate on Sketchfab too. If you uploaded a model that doesn’t play, please share the link here (or in a PM), and I’ll check it out for you.
  4. You can set the camera centre by double-clicking anywhere on your model. After that, pan/shift to put it in the right position.

You’ll find in-depth information about many of these things on our Help Center.

(Alfanas0) #3

thanks bartv for the awnsers

this is the link

this is BI and the character should have shales materals
ther is know light in the scene or any sky hdri
yet this is how it looks,

i ma not complaining, it looks even better than i thought it would be, but it wasnt what i expected it to look like,
so i just want to undertsand how does it work

(Bart) #4

I’m not entirely clear what you’re missing - the texture maps are properly applied, right?

What would help I think is chosing another HDRi/Background image and also enabling Ground Shadows: