I have problems with my 3D Model


(Llreaperll) #1

Hello... I have following problems with my 3D Model:
Geometry has no normals
Geometry normals have been recomputed
Geometry normals have been dropped
Here is a link to my Model: https://skfb.ly/678Cu
I tried to fix it with Matcap mode and shadeless mode is active too...
since this error won't fix I need some help...
Thanks :smiley:

(Mrchlblng) #2

@llreaperll we are aware that the current warning system is not great and should be improved hopefully soon.

It's actually a single warning mentioning that since we found no normals in your data, we computed some (using a 45° crease angle). If you're happy with how the model is shaded, you can safely ignore these messages. They will not disappear until you reupload a model with normals.
Also note that users will not see this when viewing your models.

(Llreaperll) #3

okay :smiley: thank you for the fast response.