I invited a friend but didn't get the 3 months of Pro


(VirtualAnubis) #1

well title says all , i invited and didn’t get the pro , this makes me very fearfull of inviting anyone else as i think i should wait for the pro membership to end to try again ? not sure ! but they did get their 1 month free pro memebership at least :grinning:

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Looks like you were upgraded correctly now?

(VirtualAnubis) #3

i'm not sure they said they did register and confirm email but i am still whit expiration at June 30th 2017


Your last invite was https://sketchfab.com/ZeyoKane which is PRO. It looks like you already reached your maximum of 1 year.

(VirtualAnubis) #5

ohh there is a maximum thanks for the info , didn't know about it ahah


Yep, sorry about that!

(VirtualAnubis) #7

ahah don't worry its great that it does that , it wouldn't make sense if it was unlimited!! its already great that it does the job so well , i have a bad gpu and everything looks renderquality on sketchfab :smiley:

(Rhgrafix) #8

My friend accepted my invitation, confirmed email and everything but I cannot get PRO features. This is my first invite so it can't be expired, how do I activate PRO membership? Thanks...


Hmm, what your friend's username?


Never mind, I saw your email and upgraded you.

(Rhgrafix) #11

Thank you!

(Meee) #13

Hello !
Today I've invited a friend (Link to his account : https://sketchfab.com/TotohotoT) to get a pro account but any of us receive the pro account...
He has accepted the invitation and confirmed e-mail but nothing happend.

Is it normal?

Sorry for my bad english.


Sorry about that, I just upgraded you, enjoy!


(Meee) #15

Thanks for your fast help!

(Mangeluz) #16

Hello, I'm on the same boat, invited my friend Adrian (sketchfab.com/ABDEAD) but didn't receive the free month :disappointed:


Sorry, upgraded!

(Qupol) #18

I invited and didn't get the pro. I also sent message to James, but didn't get any reply yet.


Sorry I didn't see you message. What's your friend's username?

(Qupol) #20

Its worked now. Thank you James.

(Adsperli) #21

I also invited a friend for the first time and am not upgraded to pro.