I invited a friend but didn't get the 3 months of Pro



Can you please give me their username so I can take a look?

Looks like you signed up with an edu email though, so you're eligible for a free student Pro account - I just upgraded you.

(Mattbellamy82) #23

Same problem here James. sketchfab.com/massimo82


Thanks, just upgraded you.

(Marmitath) #25

Same here, seems a recurring problem. I invited theoigormartins_ but we don’t get the pro badge.


Just upgraded!

(Erica Panatteri) #27

Hello James, I’m experiencing the same issue, I invited PaoloPierantozzi, he confirmed his mail and neither me or him received the pro upgrade, is there something you could to fix our status? Thank you in advance!


Ok, I upgraded you both, enjoy!

(Anjasdc) #29

Same here. Pls update me Thx in advance slight_smile:


Looks like you were upgraded successfully now?

(Cooler Than Coolest Guy) #31

I’m also having this issue, I invited one of my friends, and I physically watched them sign up from my link and confirm their email but we weren’t given pro.


Hmm. What’s your friend’s username?

(Cooler Than Coolest Guy) #33

Creepios or Creepios10 or something along those lines, he’s a strange one.


I see https://sketchfab.com/Creepios but it’s quite an old account.

(Cooler Than Coolest Guy) #35

That’s not him, but that’s usually his go-to name, perhaps his old account? Alright, I asked him, and he says he signed up as Creepios10, and that account you linked was his old account before he left, not sure if he’d qualify seeing as that’s his second account.


Yeah that’s not really the point of the referral program…but anyway I just gave you so Pro time - enjoy!

(Cooler Than Coolest Guy) #37

Didn’t know he had already been on Sketchfab, thanks anyway!