I invited a friend but didn't get the 3 months of Pro



Hello, I just upgraded you, enjoy!

(Blabla Paige) #43


I just invited a friend ( https://sketchfab.com/Brochentachtreusse ) but no change on our account :s
Also I have a question, if the pro account expire while a model is in private, will it stay private or become public? :thinking:

(Dark Minaz) #44

the model will stay private, but once it expires you can’t upload new private models
your friend maybe didn’t register his email yet :slight_smile:

(Blabla Paige) #45

Nice thanks
Hmm, he told me he did, but no change


I just upgraded your accounts.

(Blabla Paige) #47

Thanks :grinning:

(Keppo) #48

Just invited my friend, he confirmed the email but we didnt get PRO plans? any idea


(Ningyoquimera) #49

Hi there, it happen to me the same topic.

I have added a friend (@joejoe91) that has already enjoy the pro month, and even has ended.
But mine hasn´t upgrade yet.
Please, somebody can help me?

Thank you very much.

(Theovasilis) #50

Hi same problem here. Can you have a look? Their account is @KaterinaCh


@keppo @theovasilis it looks like you’ve both been upgraded successfully?

(Lubus) #52

Hello James,
I invited my friend and we didnt get a pro acount, then i did a test from my other mail and it didnt work too ;( Can you help us with this ? My friends mail is mateu****warski@gmail.com



It looks like you already received the maximum Pro time for invites previously, but I just gave you a few extra months. What is your friend’s username? I can’t search from a partial email address :confused:

(Jakub Piaskowski) #54

I invited a friend and did not get an upgrade.
Please help.
Thank you.


Looks like you were upgraded correctly now?