I invited a friend but didn't get the 3 months of Pro


(Divgmbhdrohne) #62

Hello James,

I would like to invite more friends to try Pro for a month. Could you kindly help me with sending more invites?


(Weather Wiz13) #63

I still have not been upgraded, and I would like to have my pro upgrade for the full month. It is now over the halfway-point for the pro upgrade that hasnt been approved on my account. Please help!


Sorry for the delay! I just upgraded everyone.

(Goaudiovisual) #66

Hello James! I hope you’re doing well.

I invited my friend [ @iohugo - 12/05/2018 ], and he have accepted and confirmed their username. I was not upgraded to the pro version and he did not get their upgrade either.

I hope you can help me with this issue. Thank you so much!


I just upgraded you both, enjoy!

(Goaudiovisual) #69

Thank you so much James! :zap: You rock!

(Lubus) #70

Hello, i invited my friend and didnt get pro upgrade her mail is : wieczorek.marta@gmail.com


Hi there,

Looks like you already reached the maximum of 1 year of Pro from inviting friends :confused: