I invited a friend but I don't see my pro months

(Christine Designs) #1

I have been using sketchfab more recently so I recommended a friend to the site who made an account called Thetazzyscatmam and I was wondering how to I activate my pro months?

(Dan) #2

Thanks for referring Sketchfab and sharing your friend's username!

I've added 3 months of PRO membership to your account and an additional month for your friend's account.


(Christine Designs) #3

Thank you very much for your help

(Ningyoquimera) #4


I´ve just invited my friend, whose user name is “matuakah”, but she didn´t recieved the confirmation mail, so she and neither I didn´t recieved the pro acount. My invitation link is: https://skfb.ly/6wnRv

Please, I hope someone can help us.
Thank you very much.


It looks like “matuakah” has not confirmed their email address. They should have received an email after signing up with a link to click.

(aranearchon) #6

it would seem im in a similar situation, so i thought i might as well post here instead of making a new thread.
i invited a friend and they accepted - username “vawlada” (cant post links yet, sorry :confused: )- but we didn’t get the temporary pro status.
could anyone please look into this?

thanks in advance


Hmm ok, I just upgraded you. Sorry about that!

(aranearchon) #8


(Ningyoquimera) #9

Still haven´t recieved that confirmation mail… :frowning: It is possible to resend it?? She has signing up in her account, but not track of the option to confirm the email adress.

(Matuakah) #10

Hi there!! The confirmation email was in spam… sorry about that.
So I have already confirm my mail, what’s the next step to be upgrade?
Thank you very much!!


Thanks! I just upgraded you!

(Ningyoquimera) #12

Hello again James,

it has happen again that I have added a friend (joejoe91) that has already enjoy the pro month, and even has ended.
But I´m not sure if I have the possibility of enjoy my three free pro months for had invited a friend again (I mean in this case, @joejoe91) . I don´t know which is the limit of times we can enjoy this promo.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

(Dan) #13

If I’m understanding you correctly, you tried inviting joejoe91 to Sketchfab even though he has an account already? This is not an option with our referral program. You’ll need to invite someone to start a brand-new Sketchfab account to receive 3 months of free PRO.

(Theovasilis) #14

Sorry to post again. I invited a friend as well and didn’t get upgraded @KaterinaCh . It might be because it is almost a year. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks. @dan

(Dan) #15

No problem! I’ve adjusted your PRO membership for an additional three months. Enjoy!