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I just witnessed camera limitation ? am i seeing things xD?


(VirtualAnubis) #1

I just witnessed camera limitation while editing a model, i exit out of it enter back , and it just disappeared from camera settings !

Also where's the camera animation at? is it coming soon?

(Rémy Bouquet) #2

Hey, this feature has just been released but was supposed to be in closed beta to a restricted number of users. There's been a mistake on our side and you can access it for now. Though this will disappear soon as we fix this mistake, so I suggest you do not tinker with it for now.
It should be officially released in several weeks.

Thanks for your understanding.

(VirtualAnubis) #3

Aigh , lets hope the custom camera comes soon! because THAT's the gamechanger , making sketchfab a tool for so many things