I like sketchfab and here are a few of my wishes. What are yours?


(Dutchallians) #1

So I have these idea's in my mind for a while and I do feel like sharing it with the community, are there any you agree or disagree with? or do you have anything to fill up the list? :smile:
- .SBSAR export with produceral parameters inside sketchfab
- Real-time chatroom (maybe also a APP) to talk with fellow 3D artists/3D anthosiastics. Or to get into dev teams.
- More image effects?
- Animated UV's (flipbook textures/animated textures/ Gif/ spritesheet, or whatever name you wanna give it)
- Sounds playing with animations.

These are just a few things that i have in mind, and which I would love to possibly see one day (or not).

Does anyone else have any idea's :smile: ?

ps. If there is a topic about these, or one of these suggestions. Then I'm really sorry that i didn't see it!

(Dutchallians) #2

FYI, .sbsar is the export option for a substance material (? a substance material is a product from substance desinger by allegorithmic. It allows you to export a produceral texture, you can add alot of parameters, lets say you made a brick texture. you would be able to add damage, wear, water level, grafity, etc etc.)


lurking and listening

(Mauricesvay) #4

Nice wishlist @dutchallians :smile:

  • You can export your textured models from Substance to Sketchfab. Can you explain why you would like use the SBSAR on Sketchfab?
  • Real-time chatroom is interesting. @bartv : could be interesting?
  • We are working on more image effects, yes.
  • Animated UVs have been requested a couple of times already. I'll add a +1 in our internal feature requests tracker.
  • We're still trying to figure out how sound with animation should work. Can you give an example of how you would use such feature?

(Dutchallians) #5

I would like to show a Substance i created for portfolio purposes, people would be able to try the produceral functions inside sketchfab. I can give you a example .sbsar file. Also testilation will be a very cool thing maybe in the future :smile: ?

I know a few people who love sound desing, i would animate a gun/sword etc. with fps arms and that would include sound effects when you would hit, or when you reload etc. i would ofcourse credit the people who made the sounds, also i like to try voice effects/sounds myself, though im more of a 3D guy hehe

(Jeremielouvetz) #6

Hi all,

Here are my wishes for now and to improve the way i'd like to use Sketchfab:

  • Setting a correct isometric camera view in Sketchfab: i wish the possibility to export the camera angle already set in my 3D software when uploading the 3D model directly or with the Uploader.
  • Give my 3D model a cartoon render: i wish to give or to test on some of my 3D models a cartoon render. I'd like to do that easily as i do with Freestyle in Blender.
  • Ask a confirmation when we click on the "Publish" button: i have published several times by mistake some of my 3D models while i was setting them.
  • Program the publication of my 3D models: i wish to program the publication of my 3D models the same way we can program the sending of a newsletter.
  • Being notified by email when someone i follow switch the state of his 3D model from "Private" to "Public": i wish to have this information by email cause it's only appear for now in our homepage just after we login and we could miss it sometimes.
  • Avoid making directly public my 3D models when i use the Blender Uploader: that feature could let me the time i need to finish to set my 3D models before my followers go and discover them.


(Magadan) #7

( i made a individual post about it, now i saw this thread, reposting).

I want a DOWNLOAD AS A GAME ASSET button option for 3D Scans...

Its possible to sketchfab dev team put a feature to automatic transform 3D Scan models into a Game Assets ?

For example, reducing polygons with Quad retopology and make automatic projection of textures.

This will be a very good feature for fast production, after, in a near future we can select assets with a Sketchfab plugin directly on Game Engine, like UNREAL and Unity 3D. Like a live market place but from our collections. The Download button with the option "Download as a Game Asset".

Recommendations of source codes to implement in server level:


And is possible to use blender running without gui, with yours built-in retopo tools in a linux server with python scripts to make this process as a server task in background.

Here a video with blender easy retopo features: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUzJefYNQlI

Its possible to run this tasks by a script.

Example: blender --background --python myscript.py


or https://wiki.blender.org/index.php/User%3aIdeasman42/BlenderAsPyModule