I need a wheel created

I have an incomplete design for a wheel that I need finished.
I created a the basic wheel that allows rubber pads to be clipped on around the rim using fusion360 and attempted to hire an artist to finish it but he has stopped communicating with me. I asked how much he wanted to do the project and he said just whatever I want to give him but after completing 90% of the work he asked how much is it worth to me. I found the pricing on this website and asked if its relevant but he hasn’t replied since then.

I tried to attach numerous files to this post but it only allows new users to upload 2 files.

this is the original wheel I made and sent to him

this is the point he got to with the pads


I also recommend posting over on our Discord in the #jobs-board channel: https://discord.gg/ZmZFKqNFg8