I need Annotations on animated objects


(Gabrielefx) #1

Your service is impressive and the quality is the best on the planet.
But I'd like to have many Pro features, I want to use your service as a presentation software embedding my models on web pages.
Because I don't know how to write one single js line I need that you implement the Annotation feature that follows the animated objects.

Thank you very much.


Hi Gabriele,

Thanks for the feedback! Can you give us some more details about your use-case for Annotations + Animation? How do you imagine it would work? etc.


(Gabrielefx) #3

very simple,
the annotations are attached on 3d objects. If one object moves then the annotation will follow its movement.
I imported a 3d animated lamp in Sketchfab. I animated the lamp exploding the various components in 3ds Max.
To describe well the various lamp parts I need to attach annotations.
For example the autopilot can start as soon as the animation is completed (not looped).



Great, thanks! I'll pass this along :smile:



Annotations are now supported in animated models.


(Phraxis38) #6

Hello..yes it works...But I found a problem... It seems the annotations doesn't follow the piece on which it's standing...
In my case, I have two state : the "initial cabinet" and the "exploded view".
Try the number 18 in the initial view and try the same in the exploded view (frame 800) .
Can you help me?


Hmm.. @stephomi ?

(Phraxis38) #8

Hi there @james @stephomi
Is there any progress on annotations issue?

The annotation number follow the piece but not the camera point of view :frowning:


(Mhazani) #9


@james, @stephomi - any progress on this? I, too, could really use this feature - my environment is (literally) all over the place and my annotations don't stick to my orbiting rocks...

(Stephomi) #10

No progress on this, it's not on our short term roadmap either.

We can't just force the camera to focus on annotations as each annotations have a predefined camera position saved (which some users definitely want to keep).
We could however introduce a special case to force the annotation to be at least visible in the screen-space (but the annotation wouldn't be in the center of screen either, so it might look weird).

(Mhazani) #11

That would still be great, much preferable to the annotations not being in the picture at all due to being in a different location in relation to the frame they were "set" in.

(Jon Russell) #12

Would be really good to get some improvement in this area. Has anything transpired recently? Sketchfab is awesome, but this annotation with animation feature is something I (maybe many other also) would welcome.


I'm afraid we haven't made much movement on this. It's a tricky thing to implement, but we'll keep thinking on it.