I need help for transparency

(Jacky Carlingue) #1

Hello every body,

I have an big proplem: i need to make in the same part an glass vith an logo.
When i do it on Lightwave: no problem it's ok but when i export it to Sketch it doesn't work.

I try to use the help inside Sketchfab but i don't arrive to do wat want.
so i have one question: is it possible to do this?

Thank you for your help.



Could you please post a link to your model?


(Jacky Carlingue) #3

Hello James,

Thank you for your answer.
The model is here:

Here is wat i reach to do:

Thanks for your help


For alpha blending, you'll want to make the glass part some % gray, instead of black. Something like this (50% gray):

For more control, you could separate the logo and glass into separate meshes, and set the glass transparency independently.