I need more examples to understand the boundaries of Restricted label

I’ve only been here shortly, and I’ve spent a long time reviewing the rules, I’m sad because I was added a community warning and my model was given a Restricted label. I don’t want to lose my account, so please tell me if the model connected below needs to be labeled with Restricted. I will try to understand when Restricted should be added.
Forgive me for bad grammar。I have two models that need to be published:


Do they all need to be Restricted?
Or only the first one?

Hi @445775126,

Have you read this thread yet? It gives a pretty clear overview of why content is moderated:

Assuming your work does not breach the Sketchfab Terms of Use, a simple rule of thumb is:

"Would my model be OK for a teacher to show to an elementary school class?"

If the answer is no, add the Restricted label.

Both the models you link to would require the Restricted label.


Thanks I think I got it