I need some help to finish a model

(Phraxis38) #1

Hi there
I would like to finish this piece of furniture but I don’t have enough 3D skills to make the bronze.
It only lacks the Louis XV escutcheon and the gilted bronze on the legs (chutes and hoof), just 3 models!
If a charitable soul would like to help me that would be cool.
Thanks a lot.

Here is an example :
the escutcheon :

the hoof :

the chute :

Sketchfab model :

(Laurer1990) #2

Hey Phraxis

Thats quite a lot of work you are asking for :thinking:
I can offer you my skills but i can’t do it for free. If you are still interested checkout my Sketchfab profile and contact me.
Would like to help you out