I need your advices to build successful models with photogrammetry software. Tried Context Capture Master, Agisoft Photoscan, Zephyr and others

(Kemaleksen) #1

I’m a 3D animator and photographer. As photogrammetry covers them both I have been interested with photogrammetry software for a long time. I once had a gallery at hypr3d.com, used 123Dcatch, some software where you had to put your subject on a funny callibration paper, where you only had to shoot two photos and still have that Scann3D on my phone.

But the software that I tried in last years such as Zephyr, Autodesk Recap360, Remake and especially Agisoft Photoscan and Context Capture Master exceeded the quality of the previous software that I worked with. But still I don’t think my results are good enough to use for commercial purposes. I would be glad if you have a look at my sketchfab gallery: https://sketchfab.com/Kemaleksen/models

Photogrammetry software that I have seen have a simple workflow compared to my usual 3D modeling and animation software, but I wonder if I’m missing some little steps at the workflow or during preparation of photos. I usually use about 20-30 photos or 100-200 or sometimes several hundreds videoframes at photogrammetry software, don’t change focal length, but I use auto exposure, scale down images to about 1000 pixels at long side to avoid to wait forever.

Agisoft Photoscan doesn’t like my 17mm wide angle images and builds pyramids from photos of regular buildings that I shoot from below, so I have to crop my photos by 10% for it.

Models of Zephyr are usually not as good as of Photoscan (side by side tests at Sketchfab prooved that too) but at least Zephyr can handle wide angle photos.

Context Capture Master is slightly better than them, but sometimes worse, it’s a bit weird that you have to switch on that Context Capture Engine too before it could process images and you have to avoid using non-english letters for your files and directories, otherwise the model would be built anyway but you can’t open it. Sometimes it builds half of the model very tiny, only CCM does that, just scroll in my model to see it: https://sketchfab.com/models/7297e8344e9645b4a1f90012964798a1 .

As you might have seen at my gallery the models of the buildings (my favourite subject) that I capture look generally like damaged by an earthquake. I would be very pleased if I could get your advices to capture better 3D models. And maybe you could tell me where I shouldn’t expect more from current software technologies.

(Carowley) #2

Well… I am in the same boat as you. Autodesk Remake was a very good program before the ReCap changes. For close-range photogrammetry I was able to pull the best object models from Remake. Recap can still perform just as well but it is expensive in my opinion and it is cloud base. I recommend trying Recap but small objects take a while to process. You can clean and fill holes of the object within one piece of software simplifying the workflow. I believe you can do under 100 photos during the trial process.

I used a Nikon D5500 with the default lens 18-55mm lens. The mastodon and mammoth teeth were capture with this software and equipment. If you like the results that is the route I went. Hope this helps you I am moving toward aerial photogrammetry. ReCap 2018 can also do up to 1000 photos but it will be pricey to stitch without knowing the end result.

Hope I was helpful.


(Joel Whitton) #4

There are so many photogrammetry software at the market and you constantly trying to use new and new ones to find the most suitable program for youself… I still can not stop choosing, but if you need some advice from the person who tried different software PM me pls.

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Yes, sure I would need your advice. I want to PM you but your Sketchfab account doesn’t have a Contact button.

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i’m new on this forum, sorry, let me see why is not working. Sorry again

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OK. If it’s not working would you please drop a message via my Contact button?