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I think we still need 3Dscan category in main site

(Vlad) #1

Some day ago when i uploading my new photogrammetry scan to SketchFab i found that now we don't have 3Dscan category. And now only have this (btw this category not visible for this moment in object properties):
Cultural Heritage
Cars & vehicles
Places & scenes
Animals & Creatures
Products & Technology
Science, Nature & Education

I understand your idea that most of 3Dscan is Heritage. Just because is more interesting scan some nice statue than old shoes or stone. But this still not so rare. Or if i scan myself, this is just 3Dscan of myself but not "Character". Or my lovely Crocs or Keen is not Product but still just 3Dscan of them. Or Stone Photogrammetry is 3Dscan or may be game object, or may be just a way to catch textures for 3D work.

Also you miss one scenario. How users can use your site.
I don't think this is so rare. But I prefer choose 3Dscan category and check what software or hardware users used. Sometime i can find new tool (like 3Digify) that have good potential as competitor for some known photogrammetry or 3dscan tools.

So,please, can you put back 3Dscan category?

(Bart) #2

Hi Vlad!

We have decided to use categories for 'subject matter', not for technical details. 3D-scanning is just a technology to create a model - similar to sculpting, hard surface modeling or any other modeling technique. We recommend people start using tags for those (and it might be a good idea to auto-tag uploads from 3D scanning applications - @james?).

(Vlad) #3

Ehh, i know how people are lazy.

And i think good 3Dscan or Photoscan model will never be uploaded right from such software. Because good model required much more manipulation for best and proper view in realtime engine.

And one more point. How about Human scan? This can be "figurine" if user want 3dprint such scan. Or can be 3Dselfie. But not character. "Character" is person in game or movie or scene.

What if will be all this new categories plus 3Dscan. Lazy users will use 3Dscan or nothing. Smart will use as much as possible categories for more views. :slight_smile:

Ehh, may be i too grouchy. And just want my toy back :smiley:

(Bart) #4

Yeah I know, but too much choice isn't a good thing either :slight_smile: People will always argue that you can use more categories, but we'll see how this goes for now :slight_smile: