I upgrated to paid plan and now the app crashes when I try to go to my account to see my models

After the upgrade to paid premium the app crashes when I try to my account and models

IOS 14 beta 8

Also: why are my models grey when I download it as USDZ on the webpage? USDZ conversion was one of the main reasons I upgraded.

When viewing my models in AR in the app before upgrading they where in colors.

Sorry to hear about that! I have passed your message to our Support team, they’ll be in touch after the weekend.

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Hi there,

Sorry about that. Viewing your profile in the mobile app does not work for the Plus plan. This is a known issue and we hope to get it fixed in the future.

Can you share a link to a model where the USDZ does not have the correct colors?

Also, you do not need to upgrade to convert your models to USDZ. You just need to make them downloadable. And if you want to convert your models to glTF and USDZ without making them downloadable to others, you need a Pro account, not a Plus account.

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In the built in AR in the sketchfab app before I updated to Plus membership

When I download it as USDZ it all become white

Got it thanks!

Your model is using Vertex Colors. The USDZ format doesn’t support vertex colors at the moment. That’s something Apple would need to implement.

You can read more about glTF and USDZ limitations here:

The reason it works in the mobile app is that it’s not true AR. It’s just the regular Sketchfab 3D viewer with a transparent background in front of your camera feed, with some limited ground detection.

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Thanks for the reply.
That makes sense.

Do you have any tips on how to get colors to the obj model . Can I add them in your 3d settings? I tried , but only was able to change the base color and metallicness. That also resulted in the USDZ download to disappear.

Any tips what should I look for?
Is it called PBR materiels/texture painting? (Again I’m kinda beginner at this, so sorry for dumb questions)
Rendering programs like Keyshot, Blender and Vectary are all off the table since I enjoy working on my ipad pro.
All my 3d modeling is done is shapr3d.

I am looking into Forger and Nomad Sculpt as a basic coloring / rendering app. Forger has both vertex painting and base material. Base materiels worked , but I was only able to get a solid color.