I uploaded my first scene! ...but?


(Hatty) #1

Hey guys, the design in question - I uploaded it here.

Please don't critique it too hard, its my first ever low poly scene and the most I've ever made all at once haha!

ANYWAY though, what I'm here for is the fact that when you look at it on the browser, for me at least, it starts facing backwards! How can I fix that so it faces the other way? I don't want to discourage people from looking at it, even if it is beginner work. :smile:

Any help appreciated! :open_mouth:

(Hatty) #2

Hey, I went back and messed with it, and I fixed it! Sorry for any confusion.
Thanks for your time for reading though!

(Bart) #3

Hi Hatty,

I rather like low-poly scenes, so well done! :smile:

For future reference (others might find your scene when googling), just click the 'Save View' button to record the current camera view.