I used the Data API to re-upload a model, and the scale was not adjusted

My steps:

  • Uploaded a very large scale model using the Data API
  • Patched the model with a re-upload, containing a much smaller model

Outcome: The new model is imperceivable. The canvas looks blank and locating the model is very difficult.

I’m new to Sketchfab, so I’m not sure if this issue only impacts re-uploads done via the Data API or all re-uploads. It is a significant concern for my use case though, which is entirely automated.

An easy trick if your model isn’t centered or you’re unable to find it in the viewer is to double-click on the background. This will center the bounding box in the viewer. After that, just click ‘Save View’ in the top left corner and you should be all set. :slight_smile:

Thank you. Unfortunately, my interaction with Sketchfab in my use case is automated and limited entirely to the Data API and Viewer API. So in my case, I can’t make use of fixes that require accessing the Sketchfab website and manually modifying views.