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I want to say the 3D editor is amazing

(Timeless3d) #1

I remember 2 years ago i was spending hours trying to learn babylon.js just to get a simple API set up, I never imagined I would be able to show my 3d work online in such a powerful viewer as sketchfab. The amount of things you can adjust in the 3D viewer is just insane as is the short amount of time it's taken to get here. Great job sketchfab team!

I'm gonna have to take some time to learn some of these new tools

(Bart) #2

Thanks so much, we appreciate it!

(Ben0ki) #3

Agree with @timeless3d , it really shows how much you guys love what you do!

(Calvin Nz) #4

Can't agree more. Such a great viewer

(Yannick Deharo) #5

All the same !

(Alex Nan) #6

many options - hard to find just 1 to fit :))