I was stucking at Error while exporting to sketchfab

(Irisemars) #1

Hi, guys!

This is log from SP.
[MapExporterDialog] Starting map export
[MapExporterDialog] Map export ended
[Sketchfab Exporter] Starting mesh export
[Sketchfab Exporter] Mesh export ended
[Sketchfab Exporter] Sending 1640908 bytes of art files.
[Sketchfab Exporter] Model successfully uploaded to Sketchfab under UID: 941e07ce6bf14fd9bad0df3b0c822277

I was trying to export my model to sketchfab to try a new feature many times. After succesfully exporting Substance Painter opens web browser with Sketchfab but instead of my model I see error that says
"An error occured while converting your model
The file is invalid (Error 13). Please check the file or use an exporter to ensure compatibility."

I tried to export even sample scene but it still doesn't work. I was using OBJ and FBX files and always the same problem. I'm out of idea. Anyone can help me solve this error?

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @irisemars

Could you do another upload and share the link of the failed model so that we can check what's wrong ?