I wish there was "Latest Artworks" tab being implemented here on Sketchfab

Hi all I’ve been on sketchfab almost every day now and I kinda wish there a was a “New” or “Latest” tab or “New Artworks” that i can see that are recently submitted i understand that there’s a notification tab but honestly i wanna see a whole range of new people even if its beginner and skilled because i would like to connect more with newer people who are just getting started with 3D. Every single day when i see the front page its always the super damn good modelers and don’t get me wrong i love seeing them but i wanna see beginners work as well, whenever I’m on artstation i always go to the new tab because i know there are new talented people submitting they’re works. So if any of the sketchfab staff see’s this please I hope there’s an update to this site where there is a Latest tab that can be implemented here on this site. I really love this site and the community but i really wanna see more new artworks that are being submitted here lately by either beginners and old.

Did you try filters (top right) on model explore page:

Explore 3D Models - Sketchfab is day latest upload sorted by upload time
Explore 3D Models - Sketchfab day latest upload sorted by like

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ah just did thanks