Iam a 3D modeling beginner ; please rate my work (:


(Don42) #1

I hope this is the right category for this topic ? anyways check out my stuff please :blush:

(Shaderbytes) #2

no bad for a beginner :slight_smile: keep it up.

One thing to perhaps think about is completing a scene more often. You have two swords both not textured. Doing UV unwrapping and texturing is a huge part of 3d modelling so dont let that skill fall behind.


(Don42) #3

Thank you for this feedback but iam making my models for a engine which offers the needed materials and colors for enough detail (:

example : https://twitter.com/Glurb_Master/status/834547262139297794

Anyways i fear to waste my time with learning to texturize stuff since i could create a lot of 3d models in that time ):

(Dark Minaz) #4

as a fellow sword fan

i can tell you, textures do make a lot of difference :slight_smile:

But here is a list of things you could focus on otherwise
1. clean straight edges, especially with swords it's super important, it's simple to notice little hicks :stuck_out_tongue:
2. face normals (some edges are super hard where they shouldn't be)
3. assign multiple materials to your model (if you don't texture them) i.e you can make each part a different material and make them nicer looking in sketchfab. For example from my early days (super heavy model :P)

(Don42) #5

Thanks for the feedback ; but what you mean by clean straight edges ?

(Dark Minaz) #6

For example on your xenoblade, you have a few hicks (the red) and a few lines that just stop and should follow another direction (green)

while they might not make a huge difference, you can still see them in metallic quite fast (especially if you look for them)

Making sure that each line holds some purpose.
For example: (although i am not perfect ^^)

But feel free to have a look yourself with the wireframe on

Having a clean geo is much more important in hardsurface/swords/guns than in organic models since metal does reflect light depending on the angle :slight_smile:

(Dark Minaz) #7

Your newest work "saurons mace" for example is pretty good, could use a few bevels on some of the bigger edges to make them look more natural but for the most part it looks pretty good.

(Don42) #8

Thank you ; but "pretty good " only :anguished::cry:

(Don42) #9

anyways your right its indeed far from perfect ; but i did not had the time to avoid its flaws ; but can you pls rate the topology of my shift-blade ?

and the daemon sword too ?

but keep in mind my stuff is modeled as several pieces by purpose

(Don42) #10

but dont rate the Shalamayne sword :sweat_smile: since i had -1 clue on how to model it ^^

(Dark Minaz) #11

you probably need to click on the full res :slight_smile:
since you asked i went in a bit detail.

So top left, edge loop just goes wrong, maybe mirror issue?
line is a bit off course
make the "edges" of blades always 1 poly or 1 with a really small bevel to stay realistic, also ditch the top line as it makes it rounder
bevel one .. well just add a bevel there like on the other side
Last image, you forgot 1 line, also try to maybe get rid of some parts you don't need and keep the lines staight :slight_smile:

2nd sword:
well you got a super odd geo there, so i tried to give some hinters on how to fix that also bevel the edge there, suddle detail but it makes a lot of added on stuff look slightly better.
no clue what went wrong in the geo there, rest of it seems fine, so just mostly delete all the edges that don't go anywhere
lower left - a) you make them 1 object, usually that is the best way or b) you make sure that they got the same edges, especially if it stays in that poly area you can see the cuts there way better if it's like this
lower right- same thing again, a bit weird geo, you can extend the edgeloop around and cut all the odd parts and it will look better

Overall i can see you improving, i made around 70 blades and i am still not perfectly happy with some of them
There is no problem in making parts separate, as long as you combine them in the end it hardly makes to much of a difference to any engine and for 5-20k poly bracket on sketchfab it won't mater anyway.
But it's great to see someone trying to get better, i hope my few suggestions help you a bit to that end